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Ambassadors Needed

We Want To Connect With Creators & Influencers Who Are Interested In Working With Us. Use This Link Itย  Will Take Youย Back To Our Store. (Scroll Down Check Right Side Of the Page)ย It Is Important To Use This Link In Order To Request A Free Product. Although There Is A Product Screening Process; You Can Choose What Ever You Like.

Step 1) Click the Link

Step 2) Look For The Dots & Click Example Belowย ย 

Brand Ambassador Sign Up Keyomi-Sook


Step 3) Submit Your Request. During The Request, Leave Us A Note Before Confirming Your shipping Address; To Let Us Know Your Plans For Posting Our Product. i.e. Content Creation, Story Post, Article, Etc... Grab A Link In Step 4 To Couple With Your Content Your Going to Share And Earn ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ

Step 4) (Optional) If You Think You Would Be A Great For Our Partner Program Go To The Affiliate Sign Up Link.ย You Can Join This (Completely Free) Program And Work Closely With Us On You Own Time To Earn Product Discounts, Swagg, And Cash For Letting People Know About Keyomi-Sook.

Benefits Of Becoming Both A Brand Ambassador & Affiliate

  • Get 20% Off Discountย For Yourself
  • Off 10% Off For You Audience
  • Earn 20% On Every Sale For Your First $1,000 Sold!
  • Earn 30%ย Of All Sales After Selling $1000 More!
  • $50 Bonus When Your Sales Exceed $500
  • $100 Bonus When Your Sales Exceed $1,500
  • $200 Bonus when Your Sales Exceeds $2500

If You Have Less Than 5,000 Followers But You Know You Have Good Engagementย Please Email Us To Request For Review To Be A Brand Ambassador




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